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Do you want to play but haven't found a team?

Register as a free agent and we will work to either place you on one of our ECYFL House Teams or on an existing team in need of players.

What is a House Team?

A House Team is a team comprised of free agents, coached by an experienced and qualified staff member.

5-week Intro League Season - $50

Sundays 11/21 - 12/19
Tuesdays 11/23 - 12/21
Thursdays 11/18 - 12/23

No games 11/25
12/9 games will be played on Friday, 12/10

8-week Regular League Season - $80

Sundays 1/2 - 2/27
Tuesdays 1/4 - 2/27
Thursdays 1/6 - 3/3

No games 2/20, 2/22, or 2/24

**You will not be charged unless you are placed on a team**

**If you are placed on an existing team, the fee will be set and collected by the coach**

Free Agent Registration