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First Touch Off Season Soccer Skill/Development Training                     on the North Shore

“Designed for the Town Players in Essex County”


“The best preparation to be better tomorrow is doing your best to prepare today”


About Us

The goal of First Touch Soccer Skills is to provide a quality soccer training program to advanced players who want more. We offer a variety of on and off the ball training components which results in greater athleticism through a true path of development. Other soccer training opportunities predominantly work with the ball only (Soccer specific). The First Touch Soccer Skills “Advanced Private Program” provides an additional component that most other training programs are missing; building a stronger and more durable athlete. Building a stronger athlete will help create a better soccer player. By combining these components, as well as our passion for the game and commitment to our players, First Touch Soccer provides a program that is ideal for most players. This program is designed to not only develop technique, but also enhance athletic ability and create smart players. Quality training sessions in a competitive environment, developing the whole athlete; body, mind and spirit, will!
Are athletes today burning-out, seeing increase of injuries or more stressed by the demands of the current model that programs are demanding of our children?  We should want our children to play this great sport, but we should also want them to continue to excel at soccer and use soccer for all the benefits it provides. There is a better way; develop our children both as an athlete and a player. First Touch Soccer Skills recommends consistent year round soccer training, but also encourages these young athletes to participate in other activities & sports which will help naturally develop other muscles & joints not used in soccer.


Who We Are Not

  • Our program has no affiliations to any soccer clubs, nor is the program considered to be a "Club"


This Years Program Will Look Like…..

Soccer Training Sessions (On Ball):

The training sessions are designed to challenge each individual player technically and tactically. All sessions consist of maximum individual touches with a focus on proper technique.
  • Our goal is for players to improve their command of the ball, telling the ball what to do faster, on the ground and in the air. "Not the ball controlling you".
  • Create more explosive players by concentrating on the first touch and speed of control.
  • Help players read the game; proactive movement to help players put themselves in position quicker  “Thinkers”
First Touch Soccer Skills offers numerous activities which help further enhance each player’s speed of play. When talking about speed of play, we are referring to speed of mind. Teaching players to recognize visual cues will help them be more creative on the ball and off. This all has to do with speed of play, speed of mind, and instinctively knowing what to do offensively and defensively in all situations.

       Results: Help CREATE Smarter, Quicker, Positive & Pro-Active Players.

Agility / Strength Training Sessions “With & Without Ball”

Soccer is a high intensive impact sport consisting of lots of change of direction, pivoting, sprinting, jogging and battling with opponents to win a ball. The sport requires touches on the ball so the player controls the ball with speed which creates time and minimizes both the risk of being in a battle with an opponent & the risk of injury. It is important to note, this sport also requires strength, agility, quickness, balance, flexibility, explosion & aerobic training. Incorporating these components into training sessions will help prevent common injuries in the game such as ankle sprains, knee sprains & tears, back & spine decompression, hamstring & groin pulls, and of course head concussions.


A strong athlete becomes a better player....

  • Each Session will focus on coordination, agility, quickness, sustained speed, explosive power, and functional strength. We will focus on joint movement, balance, core and muscle flexibility.   
  • Mobilization, Activation; we will focus on how joints move and muscle flexibility. The significance of this for a soccer player:  If a hip joint does not move correctly, the knee joint will have to compensate, thus often resulting in a significant knee injury, especially under impact.
  • Confidence; all sessions will be designed to push each athlete to meet their maximal potential.  Sometimes young athletes need a boost and to be pushed out of their comfort zone in order to reach the next level. We recognize that the mental side of training is often the most important piece of an athlete’s career.  We will work to make each athlete believe in herself and want to excel. 

Why This Program Works:

The biggest cause of the increase in youth injuries today is the year round participation in a single sport. Years ago, young athletes all played pick-up &/or multiple sports. Basically, young athlete’s years ago were cross-training year round. Today, many athletes (and/or their parents) want to specialize and focus on one sport. A minor muscle imbalances or dysfunction is now much more likely to lead to an overuse injury or even an ACL tear. There is a way to reduce this statistic for all athletes"....and that is to walk away from the ball a little, not over train and build the body.
This Program helps provide your child a off season development opportunity on and off the ball; it provides a more economical option to providing additional training; it is an alternative program which provides a higher level of training but with less of a time commitment than other programs.  Most of all, it will allow your child to participate in other activities which is crucial at the younger ages for proper mental and physical development.
We put players in pressure situations so they get more comfortable with the ball at all times. All sessions consist of conditioning (with & without ball), technical ball work & tactical training to work on soccer specific concepts with more game like situations (Small sided Games). Small sided games provide each player with more touches on the ball in pressure situations.

2023 Advanced Private Soccer Program Details:

Cost - $450.00 (2 hour sessions)

When:  Tuesday’s from 4 to 6: November 22, 2022 – March 28, 2023                                             (No session on 12-27-22, 1-3-23 & 2-21-23)

Time:  4 to 6pm

Age: G4/5, G6/7, G8+  Our program is split into 3 age groups (Not gender) Maximum Participants per group is 15 players

Location:  NE Premier SportPlex, 199 Newbury Street (Route 1), Danvers

Our Goal: Challenging each player with a combination of individual skills (technique component) physical fitness (Physical component), strong will (Physiological component) and decisions making every time the ball moves (tactical component).

Conclusion: With combination of ball work and by exposing these athletes to a focused agility and conditioning program will help develop them to be a better soccer player.

Space is limited so if interested please register now

To register please visit www.ecyfl.org

For more information Please Contact:

If for any reason you request a refund your refund will be prorated and you will be charged a $25.00 cancelation fee to cover administration & transaction fees.