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First Touch Skills & Development Soccer Program & ECYFL
Designed for the Town Players in Essex County

Our Summer Training Program is different than most. We are not soccer specific; we include conditioning along with soccer skills. This program is for those athletes who are looking to continue to improve through the summer months so they are better prepare for their Fall High School Soccer Season.

Our coaching staff will structure sessions that will challenge each player individually
(Technically, Tactically, Physically & Psychologically)
All players are challenged to reach beyond their personal goal, each week we will focus on maximum touches on the ball, movement with & without the ball, in addition to soccer fitness & conditioning. 

Off the ball training sessions:

  • Sessions will focus on coordination, agility, quickness, sustained speed, explosive power, and functional strength. We will focus on joint movement, balance and muscle flexibility, significant for a soccer player. 
  • All training sessions will be designed to both push and pull each athlete.  Sometimes young athletes need a boost and sometimes they need to be dragged out of their comfort zone. 

 On the ball training sessions:

  • All sessions will consist of lots of touches "repetition" always instructing to use proper technique.
  • Our goal is for all players to improve their command of the ball, telling the ball what to do faster, on the ground and in the air. "Not the Ball controlling you"
  • Help create more explosive players by concentrating on the first touch, speed of control and speed of mind.


Start date: Tuesday - July 9, 2019  /  End date: Thursday -  August 15, 2019

Hours: 5:45 to 7:30

Location: Gates Field, Danvers

Program cost: $135.00


First Touch Staff:

Michael Blanch (Danvers First Touch Founder, USSF D, NSCAA Level 3, MYSA Select Coach, DYS Director of Player Dev. & Coach Ed.)
Bryan Lee (NSCAA National License)
Eric Chajon (USSF F, Everett High School Boys Coach, MYSA Select Coach, CSCS:Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

For more information please contact:

If for any reason you request a refunded your refund will be prorated and you will be charged a $25.00 cancelation fee to cover administration & transaction fees